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About Mike Hendley

As an artist, I am constantly inspired by the world around me and the intricate patterns and forms found in nature. I strive to capture this beauty and complexity in my work, using a variety of mediums including graphite, watercolor, and acrylic. I am particularly drawn to insects, with their delicate forms and vibrant colors, and I enjoy using my art to highlight the importance of protecting and conserving these vital members of our ecosystems.

In addition to creating art, I am also passionate about sharing my knowledge and skills with others. I have presented at local schools on the topic of drawing, and I am currently working on developing beginner courses on drawing and nature illustration. I also enjoy sharing my work on social media and on my website, where I hope to connect with other artists and nature enthusiasts.

I see my art as not only a creative outlet, but also as a way to raise awareness about environmental issues and the need to protect and conserve the natural world. Through my work, I hope to inspire others to appreciate the beauty and diversity of our planet, and to take action to preserve it for future generations.

-Mike Hendley

Host of the Drawing Inspiration podcast 

Artist Brand Ambassador for Pentel Canada.

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Artist and podcaster